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New Hampshire Antler and Skull Trophy Clubs mission is to preserve the records of all record big game animals taken in the Granite State.


How do we find such great trophies to measure? Some people bring their trophy to NH Outdoor shows. We sometimes receive score sheets from out-of-state hunters who had their trophies measured by a qualified measurer from another organization. We also find out about trophies by word of mouth, and social media pages. With the help of over 30 scorers in New Hampshire we are able to meet and learn about these trophies and the hunters behind them.  


Some hunters don’t get their trophies measured for varies reasons. If you know of any outstanding trophies let their owners know about us. The hunter, the animal, and the State of New Hampshire should get the recognition they deserve.

James Smith Jr



James Smith was the NH Shed Hunters Club President from 2011 - 2018. James has been a long time scorer for the NH Antler & Skull Trophy Club and North East Big Buck Club. 

James is a Resident of Newport NH but was Raised most of his youth in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains in Virginia. James was raised around hunting and fishing and today is a avid Hunter and Shed Hunter. James does mostly Archery and when its not hunting season is doing local 3D shoots and Indoor leagues. James has taken a handful of deer in NH with Bow and Gun. When James is not out in the outdoors hunting or fishing you can find him spending time with his wife Ashley and Daughter Pyper.

Roscoe Blaisdel

Vice President

Roscoe Blaisdel been a measurer with NHASTC from almost its beginning and was president for over 20 years. He had an interest in measuring trophies at an early age, and measured his fathers large NY buck several times when he was 10 years old. He was especially happy when He became a Boone & Crockett measurer. He is self-employed as a land surveyor/septic designer/wetland scientist living in Raymond. He is a very avid food plotter with over 45 food plots and counting and is director of the NH branch of the QDMA. If you build it they will come.

Brian Emerson


Brian Emerson was the founding President of the New Hampshire Antler & Skull Trophy Club. Brian began scoring trophies as an Official Measurer for the Maine Antler & Skull Trophy Club in 1986. Shortly after that, he began chasing down and scoring big deer and moose racks from New Hampshire and, with the help of a few other antler enthusiasts, compiled what turned out to be the beginnings of the first New Hampshire Big Game Record Book.

Brian is a lifelong resident of Groveton, NH and has been an outdoorsman since his high school days. Besides being a tournament bass fisherman, Brian is an accomplished fly fisherman and fly tier.  Brian is an avid deer hunter and has been fortunate enough to track down and take dozens of bucks in New Hampshire and Maine including several bucks over 200#. Brian is a serious Bowhunter, preferring to hunt with traditional archery equipment. Brian has taken deer, bear and caribou with his longbow and recurve. Until recently, Brian operated a hunting and fishing guide service in New Hampshire and Vermont. Brian has operated a taxidermy business for 30 years and he is also an accomplished nature photographer.

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